Risky Business

An absolutely great article by elite, games level athlete Julie Foucher.


The mental wall is a tough thing to ascend in CrossFit and training in general.  The primary feeling that disables our ability to climb that wall is fear.  Fear is normal.  It is something that we are supposed to have when we charter into new territories.  How we deal with this fear is what makes us grow and gives us the memorable life experiences that we will never forget.

I recently saw that movie Divergent where one of the things the characters have to do is face their fears via dream and attack them head on using their brains and instinct.  The more experience they had in these dreams, the better they were able to conquer their fears.  It did not mean that their fears went away completely, but at least they could somewhat tolerate them.  In training, there are always going to be fears that cripple us (mentally), but through our training sessions, we slowly develop confidence in our abilities to the point where we are ready to try new things.

A perfect example is the hand stand.  The hand stand (not the push-up, just the plain old hand stand) is one of the HARDEST things to teach to a new athlete.  There is no possible way any of the coaches can get into someone’s head and tell them to be fearless.  However, through some different movements like having someone start on a box and let the blood rush to their head or guiding someone onto a wall, we are able to help instill the confidence for someone to finally get onto that wall themselves.

The next time you run into any type of plateau or mental block at the gym, remember that there are numerous ways to get over that wall.  Some of us may want to just run and jump and hope for the best, while some of us are perfectly fine building up some supports and getting over that wall a little more comfortably.

Have a great weekend.


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